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We're happy to answer all questions not covered here by phone, fax or email. The details can be found on the 'Contact Us' page.

Q1. How do I Order?

To order simply browse the 'Shop' section of the website and choose a caricature product to suit your needs, add it to your basket and complete the checkout process. After the checkout process we will ask for a few details about your caricature and you will have a chance to upload the photos to us.(these can also be emailed at a later time). Once you have completed this process our artists will begin their work in creating your masterpiece.

Q2. How do I pay?

During the checkout process you will be diverted to the secure site of our payment processing partner PayPal who will process your payment securely on our behalf. Payment can be made by all major credit and debit cards. Once you have paid you will be directed back to our site to complete your order. Other payment options are also available, please contact us for information about these.

Q3. What type of photograph do you need and How do I send it?

To create your caricature we need a good face shot of the subjects, the better the photo the better the outcome. Feel free to send as many photos as you feel you need to, we believe 2-3 good photos give us enough to work from. As well as photos of the subjects please feel free to send any pictures which you feel may help the artist in creating your masterpiece. You will have a chance to send your photos to us after you have completed your order via our image upload page, you can also send the photos later by email or post. Electronic photos are preferred but you can also post them into us (we return all photos).

Q4. What will I receive when I order?

You will receive a hand drawn caricature drawn from yours photos to your specifications by our artist. This will be delivered to you either as an electronic print, a paper print, or as a framed print; depending on what you ordered.

Q5. How long will it take to produce my caricature?

Our average production time from the time of ordering to caricature completion is 72hrs, however it can sometimes take upto 7 days. Once the caricature is produced we will send it to you for approval, if you want any changes we will try an implement them, once we have a final caricature we will print, frame and ship it. Sometimes we get busy with large orders and it may take longer than 72hrs. We can also cater for urgent orders, in these cases it is best to call or email us with your requirements. If you need your order for a certain date, it is best to call or email us beforehand to confirm the timeframe.

Q6. How will my caricature be sent?

Electronic caricatures are sent via email so you can print them yourself or have them printed locally. Paper prints and Framed prints are sent in protective packaging by Royal Mail First Class Delivery. For framed orders we often send the prints and frame separately as from experience the quality of the print is better maintained if it is packed on its own for transit, and it is very simple for the print to be put into the frame once you receive it.

Q7. How will my caricature look?

Our caricatures are produced to be an amazing likeness to the original image. The caricatures we draw are drawn from the images you provide and to the description you request. Our best results are obtained when provided with good photos and a good description from the buyer.

Q8. What designs & themes can you do?

We can draw caricatures to any specification, you ask and we will deliver. You are only limited by your imagination.

Q9. How do I order extra prints or reprints of my caricature?

Extra prints can be ordered with the original caricature and are added to your shopping basket with your caricature. Reprints of your caricature can be ordered at a later date via the 'Reprints' section of our website, please be sure to provide your original order number.

Q10. What is an electronic print?

An electronic print is a high resolution digital version of your caricature. It is sent in JPEG version at 4961x3508 resolution. It is ideal for high quality printing; either yourself or at a photo printing establishment.

Q11. How do I print an electronic print?

Electronic prints can be printed on any conventional printer. The images are scaled to fit on common paper sizes such as A3 & A4. However for best results we recommend having the caricatures professionally printed at a local or online photo printing shop, the outcome is much better and gives the best impact on viewing.

Q12. What if I don't like the caricature?

All of our caricatures are drawn to a great likeness and to your description so we're sure you will love the result. In the rare case that your not happy with the caricature we will do our utmost to work with you until you are happy with it. Unfortunately we are not able to give refunds on any orders once production has begun.